You Are Beautiful

beautiful lady


My husband, and partner at I Want To Write For You, Robert Poindexter, shared this short video with me last night.

I am compelled to share it with you. 
via TheAnimaSeries [Below is just a snippet of content from the video.]

"You are worthy of love and affection.

You are never too much, and you are always enough.

You are the most stunning of all God's creation.

You are worth more than you could ever imagine.

Worth more than the numbers on the scale, or the hair products you use."

Listen to the full 3.5-minute video here. It's powerful.


Passed along to you by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter


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4 Responses to “You Are Beautiful”

  1. Dorlee says:


    Thank you (and Rob) so much for sharing this inspiring video.

    It is one that I will definitely bookmark to listen to as well as share when a friend or client is in need of some encouragement. 

    Most of us tend to make those comparisons or judgments that he was referring to; it was so refreshing to not only hear them specifically addressed and washed away but then to be provided with relatable proof of the inner world changing strength that we all have and even what response to give our inner (or outer) critics… The talk was not only inspiring; it was EMPOWERING ! 

    We (women) have tended to bend over backwards to please others, make ourselves small and not make waves. This talk is saying: enough; we are worthy and we have a voice. We can and shall make a difference! 

    • Hi Dorlee,
      First, thank you for your thoughtful comment, including sharing what most resonated with you about the video. I also enjoyed how you intuitively wove in references to water (washed away / waves).

      I agree that it was refreshing to hear these areas specifically addressed, and as you descriptively said, "washed away." <- That is such an illustrative way to describe the impact of the video! Wonderful.

      I also like how you pointed out the empowering aspect of this video and that we DO have 'inner world changing strength' (again, powerful language). Yes, we DO have a voice and can/shall make a difference! Thank you!

      By recapping aspects of your comment, it reinforces for me (and hopefully other readers), the value of your full-bodied comment. I fear adding further to your message would only dilute it. WELL said, Dorlee!

      PS – I will make sure Rob sees this exchange as well!


  2. Cathy says:

    Wow!  Simply beautiful, profoundly powerful.  Thank you for sharing this video.  This is a message all women need to hear.  Many beautiful souls are locked away, hiding in fear, not knowing they are daughters of the King and He is enthralled with their beauty!   This is my heartbeat for One True North and it is an extraordinary privilege to look into the face of people and tell them how precious and valued they are.  I see more than ever how Father has connected our hearts to beat together.  Blessings to you and Rob. 






    • Jacqui says:

      Hello Cathy,

      It is a bright surprise to read you here!

      You shone a light on the 'heartbeat' of the message with your genuine response to this video. "Many beautiful souls are locked away … ." (I agree.)

      From Rob and me, to you – a deep thank you for sharing your light, here, and over at One True North!

      Jacqui and Rob

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