Going to Missouri Is Going Home

On going home.

jac going to kansas cityAn early a.m. flight to Kansas City took me home to visit family.

Mom and Dad in big chair, July 2015 (sweet)I rediscovered the comfortable intimacy between Mom and Dad.

Dad under the trellis, July 2015And witnessed the beauty of a flower arbor in an urban community garden.

Prayer labyrinth, July 2015I walked a prayer labyrinth.

lunch at Dad and Mom's, July 2015And savored my parents' delicately prepared lunches: thinly sliced apples, oranges, jalapeno mac and cheese, sweet potato, cream corn and salmon patties.

schlitzI sipped on a cold beer.

Chickens and chicken coop, July 2015I lingered at my sister and brother-in-law's 30-acre timbered property, where chickens roamed.

Chickens, July 2015

Kathy's flowersAnd flowers blossomed.

Doug, Kathy an Josh on the 4-wheeler, + flagWhere four-wheeling was the norm.

kitty catAnd kitty cats played.

Dad, Mom, Doug, Kathy and JoshWhile smiles lit up the view.

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2 Responses to “Going to Missouri Is Going Home”

  1. Jackie Yun says:

    Hello Jacqui,


    When I tweeted your post, I wrote: “Feeling like I was there!”.  


    Thank you for bringing us into your world.  From your post, I could feel how important relationships, nature, camaraderie and animals are to you and to your grounding.  


    The photo of the prayer labyrinth intrigued me greatly. Questions percolated ~  Was there a reason that the labyrinth called to you?  What was your heart feeling? What were your thoughts as you walked it?  


    Perhaps, this is fodder for another post? :)  Always looking forward to your writing,


    Jackie Yun

    • Greetings Jackie!
      I'm so glad you felt transported when reading this! That warms my heart.

      In regard to the prayer labyrinth, I may have misspoken, as 'walking a prayer labyrinth,' in its truest sense probably would mean I walked through the exact path shown in the above photo. In fact, while visiting with my dad, I actually walked amid the labyrinth, in a more casual way, while asking my father questions about this new addition to the church property, (its purpose, etc.). 

      While visiting, I felt calmly connected to the meditative feel in such a natural yet unusual looking space, and quite frankly, the word 'labyrinth' evoked a feeling of unabashed wandering, exploring the wonderment for life and spirituality. Wow – what a great question, Jackie! You really got me to thinking!

      You're right – could be the nutrients for a separate post!

      Warmly, Jacqui  

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