Joyous Birthday to Mom, 2014!

Joyous Birthday to Mom!

Seventy-five years ago you entered this sphere,

I am not alone in exclaiming, I am so glad you are here!

My dear mom, raiser of four daughters,

A daily mentor and rallying cheerleader!

You always know what to say, you always uplift,

And while your positivity shines,

It's also laced with smart wit.


Your sparkling green eyes,

A smile that spans widely,

Emit such healing powers

That are never taken lightly.


Your lexicon loving ways,

Your fervor for reading,

Passed on to me,

In the form of these essays.


Everything I've imagined or written

I now realize is circulating in my blood,

It's a gift I've been given,

Like an everblooming flower bud.


A devoted wife

To a man you call Merle,

Your soul mate for life,

A great testimony for four girls.


And while I sit here this morning,

Writing from a laptop outdoors,

Passion through my veins pours,

For your mothering ways,

For your love evermore.


Happy Birthday, Mom!


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