To the Men + Women Who Faced the Terror on Sept. 11


by Rob Poindexter

When I think of the men and women who took their last shower, shaved for the last time, had breakfast with their families before rushing out the door with a to-go cup of coffee in their hands to catch a bus or a subway car to their jobs not having any idea of the terror they would face before they could break for lunch that day, my heart truly breaks. 

They were maintenance men and women, chefs, maids, waitresses, CEOs, young college graduates on their first jobs, seasoned executives with years in the trenches, IT professionals that kept it all humming along, delivery boys, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, black and white and brown all doing nothing more than setting their shoulders to the wheel for the day to complete tasks large and small while evil lurked nearby bent on destroying everything they had worked for. 

Fifteen years have gone by and I still remember the vivid images of those airplanes full of innocent civilians as they plowed through those towers.

I remember the hush that fell over an entire nation as it stood helplessly by while their fellow countrymen suffered a tragedy of such monumental proportions that, to this day I can scarcely believe.

May God bless the heroes who risked life and limb as they rushed toward this horrific scene with no regard for their own well-being. May God have mercy on the souls that were lost that day. May God offer His tender mercy to the families left behind and heal their hearts.

May God bless America with wise and moral leadership going forward.

Rest in Peace each and every one of you.

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