Ode to Dad (Merle Barrett) on Father’s Day

Ode to Dad on Father's Day 2014Dad, Grace's Garden, 2014-a

Fifty years ago you became my dad,

A dark-haired, handsome man, who rarely ever got mad.

Survived you did, many little girl tears,

When raising four lively daughters, over the years.

To our mom you showed devotion that was ahead of your time,

Helping with the dishes and the home you did shine.

For church each Sunday morning we would prepare,

You ensured we were clean and pretty; you were reliably there.

Always steady, yet inspired, rooted and inventive,

You bought our family five acres and were oh-so attentive.

Building a home, horse pasture and vegetable garden,

You immersed yourself with humble ardor,

Displaying for us what it means to be a good father.

Sensitive, yet certain, you knew right from wrong,

Always steering our home, so we were healthy and strong.

And while childhood memories remain vivid in my eyes,

Whether 50 or five, I will always think you are wise.

While I now live in Texas, I never feel apart,

From your warm embrace, from your ever-loving heart.

Thank you, Dad, for always being there,

For being raised without your spirited calm,

Is a thought I cannot bear.

Happy Father's Day,

With Love,


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4 Responses to “Ode to Dad (Merle Barrett) on Father’s Day”

  1. DorleeM says:


    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem with us. Your father sounds like he is a truly wonderful dad (who is also a most devoted husband to your mom).

    It's so nice that you took the time to share your emotions in this way while he is alive and well. Too often, we assume we will have an endless amount of time to say what we have to say and we let the years go by without expressing our appreciation or our true feelings. 

    I'm sure your poem must have given him much pleasure.




    • Good morning, Dorlee,

      On the heels of a wonderful visit from my parents, I was (even more) compelled to express my feelings. Publishing it here was a bit daunting, so your affirming words lift me and affirm for me I made the right decision.

      Thank you so much.



  2. Janet Pallett says:

    Jacqui,  That is beautiful!  You captured dad perfectly, highlighting his warm and caring nature for everything that really matters.  We always felt like "we" mattered:)  I think we all carry on his and mom's love for simplicity.


    • Jacqui says:

      Hi Janet,
      I'm so sorry for not seeing your comment sooner! Thus, my tardy reply.

      Reading your affirming words means so much to me, as those are precisely the traits I strove to showcase about our wonderful father.

      And yes, I agree, I think we (four sisters) DO carry on Dad and Mom's love for simplicity. Very well put.

      Love, Jacqui


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