Saturday Night: A Visit Home From College, 1983

girl sleeping

I wrap a wool blanket 
about my shoulders,
switch off the lamp,
turn on the television
to Tonight.

A Redbook lies fanned
open on the forest green carpet.
I reach to pick it up,
lie sideways on the sofa,
and curl back page after page.

Mom enters 
in red, carries
a glass
of white wine
and a library book.
She sits with legs tucked,

Opens her novel,
its plastic crinkling.
I stare down at the printed page 
that touches my elbow.

My eyes
roam the room, then
I lower my head to a pillow,
Close my eyes.
I listen:

Mom's pages turn, turn,
voices on Johnny rise, lower,
heat blows, pauses,
and blows again.

No hurry for sleep.
No hurry for tomorrow.


By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter | I Want to Write for You Partner and Writer
Memories written December, 1983, when she visited her home in Liberty, MO, from college (Missouri State University in Springfield, MO).


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4 Responses to “Saturday Night: A Visit Home From College, 1983”

  1. DorleeM says:

    Thank you for sharing your poem from your college days, Jacqui – It is beautiful. Your words make the whole scene with your mom so easy to visualize.

  2. I'm enjoying the poetry side of you, Jacqui. You have a way to mold, shape, twist and form words so that they set a scene, create a mood and evoke feelings. 

  3. Good morning, Marianna,
    I appreciate your kind and encouraging words. Thank you for taking time to let me know your impression of my poetry :)


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