Whatever your problems, whatever your tears

Rob_Juniper Point_for IWantToWriteForYou

Whatever your problems, whatever your tears,
Whatever the day brings, whatever your fears,
Whatever the battles, whatever lurks near,
Embrace what is good, hold on to what's dear.
And if you so happen, to live near a lake,
Take time every day, to soothe that great ache.
Drink in the scenery, take a soul surfing break,
Take care of your heart, become fully awake.
For God's gift of nature, we must gratefully partake.

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Creative Writer
​Partner, I Want to Write for You (iwanttowriteforyou.com)

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3 Responses to “Whatever your problems, whatever your tears”

  1. DorleeM says:


    Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. It's a wonderful reminder for us to take the time to appreciate nature as well as what we have in life, especially when we are in the midst of some sort of difficult day or time. Practicing gratitude is indeed a powerful resource – it not only helps increase our happiness but also our resilience and coping skills.  (I also love the picture of the lake. Is that a picture of Rob on your boat overlooking the lake?) Warmly, Dorlee




    • Thank you so much for recognizing and reflecting the sole intent of this poem, Dorlee! 

      What you said about gratitude boosting happiness while also increasing resilience/coping skills is exactly what I believe. I know you practice gratitude, as well.

      And yes, this is a photo of Rob on our boat overlooking the lake. We were at a marina called Juniper Point just a few minutes from our house. Appreciate your taking note of that, too!




  2. Jacqui,

    Such an eloquent poem. It's an especially powerful reminder as we get set to greet a new year. 

    Here's to drinking in the scenery and many soul sufing breaks.

    Happy New Year!

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