Writing My Life Away

Writing My Life Away

“When a man has the ability to write, no critic can damage his work if it is good, or save it if it is bad.” ~Ernest Hemingway

I don’t remember my exact age when mother taught me to write my name. I do, however, remember the event quite vividly.

I was sitting next to her in church one Sunday morning using the pencil from the visitor’s card rack to scribble incoherent lines on the blank side of one of the cards. Quietly, she reached down and guided my small right hand until the first letter of my name appeared on the card I had been using. I could not have been more excited, and by the time the church service ended, every card in the rack bore the letters that formed the name “Robbie” in varying sizes of misshapen preschooler script.

Many letters have taken shape beneath my pen since that day so long ago. And the excitement I felt then still exists; albeit, on a somewhat different level.

Now that feeling comes alive as each new sentence relays my thoughts to the keyboard through the same hands held by my mother as a child.

Some of the words and sentences formed brought joy and laughter and good tidings to the reader. Others brought sadness, anger and disappointment.

Some were simply cursory information needed to pass a test or to relay the fact “we are out of milk” or “I’ll be back in five minutes”.

At I Want to Write for You, my goal is to relay the thoughts for those who either don’t have the time, or don’t have the inclination.

Give me a call if this describes you. I will put that passion that started at such an early age to work for you in a meaningful and thought provoking way.




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